Beneath Feet

Nina - I want to crush you just for fun! (POV)

Price:   $11.00
Length:   11:58  
Description:   Nina is tall young sporty girl with size 10 US (41 EU) feet. She is 5'11'' (180 cm) tall and weighs 148 lbs (67 kg). Nina knows how to reduce people to the size of an insect. One guy is often harassed to her and he definitely deserves being punished. Nina redeced that guy and shows him the soles of her big high-heeled boots. She tells him this is the last thing what see reduced people before d.y!ng. Nina very likes scaring and humilating little man. She makes him to clean dirty boots with his tongue. After that Nina still dissatisfied and wants to squash him underfoot but she makes him to lick her bare soles before she will step on a tiny midget. She pressed down a little man under bare foot and crushes him very slowly. Then she decides to put out his misery and squashes tiny guy under the sole of her boot that not to dirty her bare foot. (English subtitles. Sound SFX. A lots of talk. Full HD 1920x1080).

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